Sunday, March 15, 2009

New form of organization

We need new principles of organization which go beyond democracy, an order not based on voting or politics (lies, and manipulation) but which is integral to our daily lives and not imposed upon us.

The organization of society cannot function around popular political assemblies, organization must come into effect where the network will overcome the power channels of social authority. Anarchism has always relied upon organization based upon local autonomies, interconnected with federative principles and measures which rotate and limit power to prevent bureaucratic ossification. These however are not distinct enough from the power channeling used in representative democracy, or the way power is used in governing processes generally. We need multichannel social processes with lots of parallel connectivity essentially networks of pears to replace our in-line style of proces governing. Corporate control is also a very channeling process . Programs which attempt to accustom the people so as not to leave the common cause in the hands of a few or limit delegation to short term or specific missions are not more than temporary means in themselves and unworkable as an ongoing process for a free society. We need a process which defines itself through its own material processes. I think building communities and mutually supportive networks will build a foundation for a new social paradyme of liberty and freedom

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